A Little Bit oF HISTORY

A little bit of our history...

Caroline and Louise spent their childhood competing in show-jumping all around the country. Being fortunate to have a good range of horses and ponies, enjoyed a great deal of success. Both being fully supported by their parents, Doug and Julie enjoyed wins at The Great Yorkshire Show, Cheshire Show, Royal Lancashire, Windsor and also the Horse of the Year Show.


At the age of 18, this way of life was in their blood and they decided that teaching horse riding was their natural path to follow.


Here’s our journey.

The start.

Caroline at 7 years old. Riding our second pony, Apollo, behind our family home on WhiteKnowle Road, Buxton.


Pic: 1974

Buxton Riding School 1974
Buxton Riding School 1979

More Ponies.

Dad buying our 4th pony, Dinky.


Pic: 1976

International recognition.

Caroline at 14 years old riding Mr. McGoo on the home International Show Jumping Team.


Pic: 1981

Buxton Riding School 1981
Buxton Riding School 1981

More amazing success.

Our mum thrown into the water jump after 12 year old Louise won the National 13.2 Championship riding Stay Cool.


Pic: 1981

More Competing.

15 year old Louise on Moonlight Surprise, competing in Scotland for England’s Pony Home International team. 

Pic: 1983

Buxton Riding School 1983
Louise and her Dad 1984 Buxton Riding School

Louise and her Dad.

16 Year old Louise riding ‘Penllan she Welsh’ with her very proud Dad, Doug by her side.


Pic: 1984

Buxton Riding School 1986

The Creation of the Helen Atkin R.D.A. Group.

In 1987, The Helen Atkin – Riding for the disabled group was created by Caroline along with John and Pat Atkin. This was the very first donation. The group has gone from strength to strength providing amazing opportunities to everybody regardless of their disability.


Pic: 1987

More personal success.

19 year old Louise riding Charles Worth, at the Horse of the Year Show in the Young Riders Under 21 Championship


Pic: 1988

Buxton Riding School 1988 Horse of the year show
Buxton Riding School 1990

Eventing on Home Bred Horses.

21 year old Louise eventing on Just William – our own bred horse.

Pic: 1990

So where from here? - Competing to teaching...

Buxton Riding School was started in 1985 by 18-year-old Caroline, Louise’s elder sister. In those days everything was very modest and lessons were taught with only two small ponies, Lady & Harum. Everything was done from a field situated at the rear of their family home.

1989 Family Buxton Riding School

Our Family.

The Early Years


Pic: 1989

Modest beginnings.

As word spread, their clientele soon grew. After finding Fern Farm was available to rent, seized the opportunity which enabled Caroline to acquire more horses. 

Pic: 1988

1988 Farm Buxton Riding School
1993 Trekking Buxton Riding School


Expansion continued week by week and year by year. In 1988, the R.D.A. Group was established providing the equestrian experience to all regardless of disabilities.

Pic: 1993

A change in management...

In 1993, Caroline married and moved to new premises.

It was at this stage that 19-year-old Louise took over the running of the school.

Aerial view.

Very different to how it looks in now!

Pic: 1990

Early Buxton Riding School
2010 Aerial View Buxton Riding School

From Renting to Owning.

The business continued to prosper and in 2003, Louise and husband Dave bought Fern Farm, the stables and 98 acres. The foundations of Buxton Riding School were set in stone.


Pic: 2010

Our family.

Louise and Dave’s girls, Sydney and Connie, beginning their equestrian journey.

Pic: 2011

2011 Kids on Horses buxton riding school
2018 Snowing in Buxton

Battling all weathers.

We’re not just fair weather riders here in Buxton.


Pic: 2018

Further expansion with an Indoor arena...

In 2020, construction commenced on our Indoor arena. The project was undertaken in partnership with the Helen Atkin R.D.A.

From the ground up.

Drone photo.

Pic: 2020

Indoor arena start. Buxton Riding School
Indoor Arena finished Buxton Riding School 2020

To a completed Arena.


Drone photo


Pic: 2020

Construction 1.

Pic: 2020

Indoor Buxton Riding School 2020
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2020

Construction 2.



Pic: 2020

Construction 3.

Pic: 2020

Indoor Buxton Riding School 2020
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2020

Construction 4.



Pic: 2020

Construction 5.

Pic: 2020

Indoor Buxton Riding School 2020
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2021

Construction 6.



Pic: 2020

Construction 7.

Pic: 2021

Indoor Buxton Riding School 2021
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2022

Construction 8.


Pic: 2021

Construction 9.

Pic: 2021

Indoor Buxton Riding School 2022
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2022

Construction 10.


Pic: 2022

The Grand Opening.

A beautiful day for Caroline and Louise and their families.

Pic: 2022

Indoor Buxton Riding School 2022
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2022

Complete with furniture.


Pic: 2022

Time to have fun...

A few memorable times on horseback

A Trek to Soloman's Temple.

What a view!

Pic: 2021

2021 Trek to Solomans Temple
Indoor Buxton Riding School 2023

Even a christmas visit!


Louise is always up for a bit of fun!


Pic: 2022

A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

A Parade through the streets of Buxton

Pic: 2022

2022 Queen Tribute Ride
2023 Summer Hill View

Is there a more beautiful place?


Can you imagine a more beautiful place to ride?

Come and join us here at Buxton Riding School.


Pic: 2023

Riding Under A Rainbow.

A mixed bag of weather ending in a beautiful rainbow.

Pic: 2023

Rainbow over Buxton Riding School

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